A little fast, a lot of dough

We finally bought a car last week (yippee and boo). We have been renting cars for the last 6 weeks, and not only has it been a large expense, but we have had some real crappers. Let me just say that cars in Australia are EXPENSIVE…expensive to rent and buy, expensive to register (annual “Rego” is about $650, even if your car is a total piece), and gas is about $5.10 a gallon. I’ll never bitch about spending $45 to fill up my tank in the States again! We bought a 2002 Toyota Prado that is in pretty decent shape. They don’t sell Prado’s in the US, but it seems they have them in many other places around the world. We actually rented one in Costa Rica during our last trip there. Anyhow, after waiting two weeks for all the money to transfer over to AUS, we were finally able to pick up the truck. The same day we received a speeding ticket in the mail from a month prior. This is where it gets funny and redonkulous. The ticket was for going 105 kilometers per hour in a 100 kilometer per hour zone. On the highway, no less! The ticket is for $176…for going (quick conversion) 3 miles (yes 3 MILES AN HOUR) over the speed limit. Some stealth camera operation just zapped the license plate on our rental car and found us at our new address. I now consistently drive 10 km under the speed limit.


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